State seeks to block disclosure in Detroit's emergency manager case

Governors decision to make Kevyn Orr Detroit's emergency manager under fire again

DETROIT - Governor Rick Snyder's decision to make Kevyn Orr Detroit's emergency manager is under fire again.

It's after a lawsuit was filed against the state Treasury Department by union activist Robert Davis.

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The state is asking a judge to block disclosure of emails and documents that members of Snyder's administration exchanged while deliberating over candidates for Detroit's emergency manager.

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Attorney General Bill Schuette filed an emergency motion on Snyder's behalf seeking intervention in a lawsuit brought by Davis that seeks documents.

Last week, Oxholm ordered the Treasury Department to provide her with copies of records under seal that hadn't been redacted.

Schuette wrote that Snyder wants to "protect the other candidates for the emergency manager position from being unnecessarily burdened and harassed."

Davis says he's trying to determine the identities of candidates and wants emails and documents that were exchanged during the discussion over candidates for the emergency manager position to be made public.

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The state is now asking that a judge block his request.

Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Maria Oxholm has scheduled a Tuesday hearing on the motion.

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