Statement from Michigan Democratic Party on Detroit's financial crisis

LANSING, Mich. - "Today, Governor Snyder has decided to unilaterally take over control of the City of Detroit from its democratically elected leaders. This is nothing but a hostile take-over; we would expect this from a CEO, but not from a Governor," said Michigan Democratic Party Chair, Lon Johnson.

There are real problems in Detroit, but we will only solve them with everyone at the table. We should trust in the democratic process. The process advocated by our Governor is one of subtraction - removing elected leaders, removing stakeholders, removing the voices of the people.

What Detroit needs, what Michigan needs is a Governor who is committed to the politics of addition - bringing all elected leaders to the table, bringing all stakeholders to the table, and bringing the voice of the people of Detroit to the table.

"This is a hostile take-over. This overthrow of the democratic process is a deeply disappointing moment in our state's history," Johnson added.

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