Stray bullet hits Southfield couple's car on Detroit freeway

Bullet nearly misses man's head as it strikes vehicle on Lodge Freeway near Wyoming Street in Detroit

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter


With glass showering down on him, somehow Ron Foster kept his cool and got his Chevrolet Impala to a nearby gas station off the Lodge Freeway at Wyoming Street in Detroit where he called 911.

That's because just moments earlier Foster and his wife were headed downtown to get a couple of coneys at Lafayette Coney Island when a bullet blew out their car window and nearly hit Ron in the head.

"I heard the bang and the window on the driver's side blew out," he said. "I hit the accelerator trying to get away 'cause I didn't know where the shot was coming from."

The bullet hole in the driver's side window is obvious. It shattered the window and gouged the door frame. The damage was about $1,300.

Michigan State Police told Foster what put a hole in the side of his car came from a gun bigger than a .357.

Foster was unlucky enough to be out in the crosshairs of someone out shooting for fun on the freeway. He is well aware he could have ended up dead.

"I'm not gonna live in fear. The angels protected me that day," Foster said.

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