Street artist wrongfully arrested in Pontiac?

Detroit artist jailed but not charged for weapon after dispute with other artist

By Roger Weber - Reporter

PONTIAC, Mich. - A dispute between two street artists in Pontiac escalated into a confrontation that put one of them behind bars.

The dispute arose last Saturday afternoon during an event called the Sirius Art Explosion.

Detroit graffiti artist Brian Glass, who is known as Sintex, had permission to paint a wall in an alley near Pike Street and Saginaw Street.

He began using a paint roller to cover an older mural painted by an artist who lives next door.  When that artist saw what was happening, he confronted Sintex with a broom.

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Witnesses say the men appeared to joust, one with a broom, the other with a paint roller. Sintex told Local 4 he responded when his paint roller was knocked out of his hand.

"The man hits me with the broom in the face, so I then explain to the man that I'm a CPL (concealed weapons permit) holder," Sintex said.

While Sintex denied pulling his gun, the other artist saw it otherwise.

"The guy pulled a gun, cocked it and put it to my head. I said paint whatever you want if you're going to shoot me," the other artist said.

Oakland County Sheriff's deputies were called.

Sintex was arrested and jailed for two days.  No charges were filed. Deputies claim his concealed weapons permit was not valid because Wayne County had revoked it.  But Wayne County had not told him about that decision.

Sintex is out of jail. No charges have been filed.

That alley wall in Pontiac remains unpainted.

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