Study: 'Happy Birthday' makes cake taste better

Ritual of singing makes you appreciate that slice of cake more, researcher says

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Birthday cake really does taste better than regular cake, according to a new study.

A University of Minnesota psychologist says the ritual of singing "Happy Birthday" before eating a slice of cake makes you appreciate it more and, thus, taste better -- at least in our minds.

But that's not all.

The ritual extends beyond singing to include things like how you open a candy bar wrapper, Kathleen Vohs says in her research published in the journal Psychological Science.

It can also be applied to how you eat healthier foods like fruits and vegetables.

Moving forward, Vohs told The Daily Mail she'd like to apply her findings to other habits outside of food.

"We are thinking of getting patients to perform rituals before a surgery and then measuring their pain post-operatively and how fast they heal," she said.

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