Study says birds tend to poo on red cars more than other colored cars

Scientists study more than 1,000 cars in 5 British cities, find red cars most often covered in bird droppings while green was most clean

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Drivers of red cars are more likely to find themselves cleaning off bird poop than those who drive a different color car, according to research reported in the Daily Mail.

Commissioned by the car accessory company Halfords, scientists looked at 1,140 vehicles in British cities like Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol.

They found that red cars were most often found covered in bird droppings - 18 percent - while green cars were the least likely – 1 percent.

The scientists say there isn't a concrete reason why red cars are the most-dropped on, but it might be because birds see the red as something representing danger.

·  Red - 18 %

·  Blue - 14 %

·  Black - 11 %

·  White - 7 %

·  Grey/Silver - %

·  Green - 1 %

The study also looked at how quick drivers were to clean the droppings off.

Only 17 percent said they wiped the poo off as soon as they saw it. Twenty percent said they cleaned it within a couple of days, while 55 percent said they waited until it was time for their next regular car wash.

Eight percent said they never wash their cars.

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