Suh settles Lathrup Village traffic ticket

Judge reduces charge from careless driving to driving over the posted speed limit

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Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has settled a careless driving traffic ticket in Lathrup Village. Suh was pulled over in his black Range Rover on Nov. 15 on Southfield Road. According to police car dash cam video obtained by Local 4, Suh can be seen passing vehicles in the right lane before the lane ends. He's then pulled over. The video shows the officer explaining to Suh why he was stopped. The officer says Suh was driving carelessly and he broke the law by passing vehicles on the right.

Suh apologized twice.

"I was trying to merge," he said, to which the officer replied, "You weren't trying to merge you were passing vehicles. You merged at the very last second."

On Thursday a judge reduced his the ticket from driving without due care and caution and careless driving to driving 6 to 10 mph over the speed limit.

Suh's had previous traffic troubles

Suh has been accused of driving recklessly in the past. Last month, Suh was accused of sideswiping his car and driving off. But no ticket was issued. Last year, Suh was involved in a crash in Portland, Oregon. A female passenger who was injured is suing Suh.

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