Superintendent of Dearborn schools addresses hazing incident at Fordson High School

Students say incident involved football players in locker room

By Jason Colthorp - Anchor/Reporter, Derick Hutchinson

DEARBORN, Mich. - The Dearborn School District is trying to keep parents informed while rumors fly on social media about an incident at Fordson High School.

The Oct. 9 incident at Fordson led to suspensions, a police investigation and student protests.

Video of the alleged naked locker room beat-down was posted online, along with the names of the people involved, with no regard for their privacy.

"The behavior exhibited by these students will not be tolerated," Superintendent Glenn Maleyko said.

Maleyko spoke to the board Monday night about the incident, which students said involved three members of the Fordson High School junior varsity football team assaulting a freshman player in the locker room.

"As soon as it came to our attention, we had administration on it," Maleyko said. "The students were removed from school and we've been in contact with the Dearborn police from the start."

Due to the social media frenzy that has fired up students and parents, Maleyko said he's trying to be transparent, but the district's hands are tied.

"People out there want to know more, but we're bound by state law," Maleyko said.

Three Fordson High School seniors spoke with Local 4 about what's going on. They wanted to remain anonymous.

"I hope we have an assembly on what's acceptable," one student said.

"I'm glad he addressed it, but I would've liked to hear more about the steps they're going to take to prevent this in the future," another student said.

They're worried that a few boys are casting a big shadow over all Dearborn schools, and that if it's not addressed internally with students, it could happen again.

"I feel like a safe learning environment should be a guarantee, and right now it doesn't feel that way," a student said. "This could happen to anyone."

There have been some positive elements in the incident. Students said they're encouraged by the Dearborn schools coming together, and Maleyko said he's heard from several supportive parents.

"What I can say is, it's behavior that will not be tolerated," Maleyko said. "Again, that is because we have an ongoing investigation."

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