Surprise gift from Detroit furniture store helps grandmother looking after grandchildren

Linda Hutcherson got custody of her grandchildren after her daughter died

By Jay Kuhlman - Live In The D Producer

DETROIT - A local grandmother who got custody of her children after her daughter unexpectedly died received a surprise gift Friday that will help her take care of the children.

Linda Hutcherson filed for custody of her three grandchildren, ages 16, 8, and 3, after her daughter unexpectedly died last year from meningitis.

Linda could barely afford her one bedroom apartment and was told she needed a bigger place in order for the state to grant her custody. Linda began looking for financial assistance to get into a bigger place, but help was hard to come by.

"I don't care where I went, I had to be totally burned out and there's no gray area for the people like me that are found with children suddenly, and there's no help," said Linda Hutcherson.

So Linda took matters into her own hands, and saved up enough money to get a bigger place for the children that she could afford. Then came another setback when the court told her she needed to get beds and appliances so she could properly care for the children.

That's when something led her to Robinson Furniture in Detroit, and Linda learned about the kindness of strangers.

"There are certain stories that we somebody comes to you, you know they're sincere. You know they're really down and out, and the little bit that I can do to help, really makes a difference," said Scott Bradley, the owner of Robinson Furniture.

Scott told Linda to keep her money and he gave her beds and appliances hoping it would help Linda in her time of need.

"There are no words for what you have done for me and these grand babies. They are everything to me. I've raised these children and I need them more than anything in this world," said Linda.

The furniture is expected to be delivered next week.

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