Suspect in custody after standoff with police on Detroit's west side

DETROIT - Detroit police have taken 36-year-old Derrick Woodley into custody after a standoff that lasted several hours at a home on the city's west side. Woodley is on parole from prison for carjacking.

Woodley allegedly fired a gunshot inside a home in the 5500 block of Ivanhoe Street on Detroit's west side. Commander Elvin Barren said the gunman got into an argument with a woman in the home and is believed to have fired shots, without hitting anyone, from a handgun.

Police were all over the scene with Woodley inside the house since 10 a.m., but he was still able to escape by running through a backyard into an alley before hiding in a man's house on the next street.

How was Woodley able to get away with so many police officers around? Police had no communication with the man, but as they got closer to the home they found an open window.

Woodley broke into the basement of a home on the next block, with the homeowner still inside. What was that man doing while Woodley broke into his home?

"In the bed watching TV," the man said. "As a matter of fact, I was watching (Channel 4)."

The homeowner called 911 and police found the man still armed in the basement. This time he gave up.

"We had our eyes on him the whole time," Barren said. "But as a perimeter was set up there was some distance from that corner of that particular location and he was able to get a head start. As he scaled the fence our crews were right on top of him."

The woman was able to get out of the house without injury.  

Barren said the gunman was just released from prison in April and is a parole absconder.

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