Talks underway to protect Detroit Institute of Arts collection

Details of mediation plan have yet to be released

DETROIT - Leaders with the Detroit Institute of Art are speaking out about discussions they've been having with federal mediators regarding the museum's art collection.

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In a statement released Wednesday DIA leaders said:

The leadership of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) today applauded federal mediators Chief Judge Gerald Rosen and Eugene Driker for initiating a positive conversation around the need to protect the museum collection and provide relief and revitalization for the City of Detroit and its citizens. At a meeting with the mediators on Tuesday, the DIA expressed enthusiastic support for the work that has been done to date, and pledged to help refine and implement the plan in the weeks ahead. The plan engages national and local foundations among other funding sources to create a mechanism for providing cash for the City, while ensuring the present and future safety of the DIA collection. Details of the plan are still in process, as meetings with the foundation community and others continue. The DIA has begun to mobilize its considerable public support to help implement a fundraising strategy that will satisfy the City's needs, while ensuring the well-being of the museum for the residents of Detroit, southeast Michigan and beyond.

There have been ongoing closed door talks between federal mediators, the Detroit Institute of Arts and the charitable giving community for the past couple of weeks.

The museum is currently owned by the City of Detroit, but it is operated and managed by DIA Corp., which is essentially a city contractor, one that can be fired, one that can be dissolved and one that has been steadfast in maintaining that selling the art out of this museum to help balance the books is a betrayal of the community.

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