Taylor teacher under fire for asking students to tell parents about possible school issue

Teacher back in classroom after three-day suspension

By Larry Spruill - Reporter, Natasha Dado

TAYLOR, Mich. - Was she a troublemaker or problem-solver? That is the question being continuously asked.  

A teacher was temporarily placed on leave after encouraging her students to tell their parents about a potential problem. 

The outrage is building downriver at Taylor High School. 

That is where a teacher is now back in the classroom following a three-day suspension after asking her students to tell their parents how cold it was in the classroom. 

Local 4 spoke with the superintendent of Taylor schools and he said there are issues with the heating and air conditioning inside the school, but they are working on them. 

A teachers union representative said according to the contract, the temperature inside the school is supposed to be at 60 degrees and anything below that means the students should be moved.

She said that day, the temperature inside the classroom was 58 degrees. 

“She was really just trying to teach her class and help her students,” said Linda Moore, president of Taylor Federation of Teachers. 

Moore said that is all Mary Logan was trying to do when she wrote the note in her classroom for students. 

The teacher's note read: "It is 58 degrees in here. No heat. Call your parents; tell them to call the board office if you are cold."

Moore said that is what happened. The students called their parents and the parents called the school board office and Logan was suspended with pay for several days.  

“This was certainly a very inappropriate, in our opinion, inappropriate suspension,” said Moore. 

Superintendent Benjamin Williams said the temperatures inside the school go from one extreme to another. 

The school was built on an open concept classroom design, meaning the walls do not touch the ceiling. Years later, they fixed that issue, but not the whole problem. 

 “While we have an air vent into every classroom that provides heat or air conditioning, we may not have optimized return air out of there. So some rooms might be warmer, some rooms might be colder,” said Williams. 

Local 4 asked Williams about Logan’s suspension.  “I’m not at liberty to comment on any individual personnel matter but in general, any staff member who has less than optimal work environment on a given day, has multiple ways to get that message to the office and to the principal,” said Williams. 

Logan declined an on camera interview, but she is back inside the classroom. 

The teachers union said they have reached out to the school district multiple times about Logan’s suspension, but have not heard back. 

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