Tears of joy, pain from Cleveland as 2 of 3 women held captive reunite with family

Reunion clouded by new information on what 3 women endured as prisoners in Cleveland home

CLEAVLAND, Ohio - Cheers and applause were heard in Cleveland today as the three women found captive inside a home returned to their families.

This joyous moment was clouded by new information about what the women endured while chained in the basement of a Cleveland home.

Ten years and 15 days, that's how long Amanda Berry was missing from her family. The moment she had only hoped and prayed for came true, she arrived home to her family sand was greeted by hundreds of neighbors and friends.

Amanda's sister cried tears of joy and pain as she read a statement on behalf of the family.

"We are so happy to have Amanda home. I want to thank the media and the public for their support and encouragement over the years," she said.

Hours later on the other side of town, another homecoming was in place for Gina DeJesus, who was only 15-years-old when she disappeared.

The third victim Michelle Knight currently remains in treatment.

FBI interviews with DeJesus uncovered new details in her abduction. DeJesus says a man driving a van asked her if she wanted a ride as she walked home from school in 2004.

The FBI says she and the other woman were kept isolated from one another, locked in separate rooms inside the home.

~Home of Arial Castro~

Those who know the suspect, Arial Castro, are shocked at the brutal details emerging.

"He fooled our family. He fooled a community, he fooled his own children, he fooled his own grandkids," said Gina's mother Nancy DeJesus.

Now, all of the focus is on the rescued women. They are survivors who will need time to heal.

Cleveland police are launching their own investigation after so many are left asking how no one knew these women were being held in a home for 10 years.

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