Teen CEO from Michigan gets 'Golden' opportunity

Skylar Bisel is brains behind 'Bizzy Fizz' products, which will be in Golden Globes swag bags

By Paula Tutman - Reporter

MACOMB, Mich. - "Bizzy Fizz."

Remember that name.

It's the brainchild of Macomb, Mich., teen Skylar Bisel -- who's been creating bath treats and bath candies since he was six years old. Bisel said he stumbled into the idea of creating fragrant bath products while doing a science fair project.

The Dakota High School sophomore said he gave the leftover fizzies to his mom and friends, who quickly demanded more. That's when the idea to make a business out of it sprouted.

His mom, Laura, said she had no idea how big the endeavor would become when she said yes to helping him start one.

Now, nine years later, he's turned into an experienced businessman, inventor, creative director and CEO of "Bizzy Fizz."

He's too young to technically own the company, so his mom signs off on the legal stuff.

But, Bisel says, he's all the brains and brawn behind it. He sells his bath products in stores and online.

Right now, he's busy working on fragrances that might work for celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, and interesting fizzy shapes that might appeal to her children.


Because for the second time in his young life, he's been invited to swag the bags for the Golden Globes. 

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