Teens to learn safe driving skills at The Palace

Company set to teach young people safe driving skills

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AUBURN HILLS, Mich. - New drivers are going to learn some safe driving skills this weekend at The Palace of Auburn Hills.
   The Bridgestone Teens Drive Smart Driving Experience is set for Saturday and Sunday in the arena's parking lot.
   Teenagers will be given the chance to learn driving skills in a safe, closed-course environment.  
   The free workshop is designed as a hands-on training session to teach young people the skills needed to better handle accident avoidance situations, make good split-second decisions and eliminate distracted driving behaviors.
   Each session will feature classroom instruction as well as the chance for students to get behind the wheel of new BMWs for several hands-on driving exercises.
   The event is open to students ages 15 to 21 with valid permits or driver's licenses.

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