Telegraph Road car thief targeting Chrysler vehicles

Thief strikes in strip mall parking lots from Detroit to northern suburbs

METRO DETROIT - Up and down Telegraph Road, from Detroit to Southfield to the northern suburbs, a thief has been stealing cars out of parking lots in recent weeks.

Police investigating the cases are calling him the "Telegraph Road thief." This thief appears to target cars parked in strip malls up and down the busy road.

John Clay said he can see how the thief can make a quick getaway.

"It's a pretty accessible area. You can get in a car and get away pretty quick on two or three freeways," Clay said.

Several of the cars that have been stolen had their doors unlocked.

Michael Draughn said he takes care whenever he parks his car in a lot.

"I usually park it where the car is very visible, where it can be seen, and first and foremost, I lock it," Draughn said.

Reports indicate the Telegraph Road car thief targets Chrysler products. Jeep Cherokees appear to be a favorite.

Police do not yet have a description of the thief. 

One theory holds that the thief rides a bicycle in the area until he spots a car he wants, and then puts the bike in the back seat and drives away.

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