Testimony Continues At Jabalee Murder Trial

Couple's Son Charged In Case

By Jon Jordan - Fashion Editor

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. - Testimony resumed Friday in the trial of a Macomb County man who is charged with fatally stabbing his parents four years ago.


Ronald Jabalee Jr., 42, was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of his parents, Ronald and Christine Jabalee, both 58, in their New Baltimore garage in 2006.

During opening statements Thursday, the prosecution revealed grisly details about the murders.

?Whoever did this, 24 stabs wounds to two people at least, to the face, to the chest, it was done by somebody who knows how to use a knife," said assistant prosecutor Stephen Kaplan.

The defense told the jury the burden of proof is on the prosecution and her client should be presumed innocent.

"There was no matricide here. There was no patricide here. This was an unfortunate and tragic killing of two good people, but not by our client," said Gail Pamukov, Jabalee's attorney. "Our client misses his parents dearly. He tortures himself over their deaths."

"It's a ?who done it.? The question is, ?who did it,?" said Kaplan.

Kaplan told jurors to scrutinize Jabalee?s conduct after the murders and to take into account numerous statements he made to relatives.

?He said, ?maybe I did it, I don't know,?" said Jabalee?s uncle, Raymond Lohmann, while on the stand Thursday.

The prosecution also played phone messages left by the defendant to family after the deaths of his parents.

Macomb County Medical Examiner Daniel Spitz testified Friday. He explained the multiple stabbing and blunt force injuries both victims suffered. He said the elder Ronald Jabalee was stabbed five times in the torso. He also suffered several blunt force injuries to his head.

"There were nine separate impacts that involved the head. There were other more minor injuries that would also be characterized as blunt force injuries, Those would be in the form of bruises and abrasions, but there were nine distinct impacts that resulted in significant trauma to the scalp," Spitz said.

Part of the evidence against Jabalee is based on a mysterious message in blood on his parents' garage floor.

The couple?s death gained national attention after detectives revealed that months after the initial investigation, a message that read ?SSEUIC? was written in Christine Jabalee's blood. The message was found next to the couple's bodies.

The jury -- eight women and six men -- were picked Wednesday. Opening statements were completed Thursday morning and witnesses had begun being called to the stand.

Jabalee lives in Clinton Township and is free on a $1 million bond.

Prosecutors said money seems to be a motive in the fatal stabbings.

The defense has argued that there's not enough evidence to pin the killings on Jabalee and that the killer is still at large.

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