'The Calling' manager calls 911 to report lead singer's beating in Michigan

Band manager tells 911 lead singer Alex Band was kidnapped, beaten in Lapeer

DETROIT - The lead singer of the band The Calling is recovering with broken bones, broken teeth and 15 stitches after, he says, he was kidnapped, robbed and beaten while visiting Michigan.

The band was playing at the Lapeer Days Festival. Singer Alex Band went out for a late-night walk when a group abducted him, he says.

His manager called 911 after looking for the singer and finding Band on the side of the road.

Manager: I don't know who kidnapped him. I need police to come here to file a report.

911 dispatcher: How do you know they were kidnapped?

Manager: Because he's bleeding all over the place and I found him on the side of the road.

More: Alex Band: 'Don't kill me, I'm about to be a dad'

Police are taking this report seriously. Band said he asked his attackers not to kill him because he is about to become a father. He said his attackers dumped him, saying "we don't kill fathers."

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