The Olympic adventures: A real look at London

Olympic Games just 23 days away

DETROIT - Local 4's Devin Scillian and Tim Pamplin, the Nightcam, headed across the pond fora real look at London.

There are plenty of things that are familiar in Britain, including the language -- though sometimes you may not always believe you're hearing English and can get a little lost.

When Americans visit the British Isles, there can be nothing quite as daunting as sliding into your rental car and realizing it's all backwards.

During their trip, Pamplin did much of the driving. He said the left-handed driving is connected to the driver's need to draw a pistol with your right hand.

Figuring out the left-hand side is just one, small part. The gear shift is also a left-handed maneuver. And try navigating the roundabouts going in what feels like the wrong direction.

But it all pales in comparison to the rising bollard, areas that are mostly for pedestrians with limited access to vehicles like buses and taxis.

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