Thieves steal Christmas presents, food, clothes from Detroit family

Grandmother left with nothing to share after break-in Sunday afternoon

By Will Jones - Reporter

DETROIT - In the middle of the day on Sunday, thieves ransacked Bernette Perkins' home on the city's east side.

"How is it in broad daylight and they got away with so much stuff and nobody heard or saw anything?" Perkins said.

They stole everything under her Christmas tree - gifts for her four children and two young grandchildren.

"They took my baby's Xbox 360. They took baby dolls," Perkins said.

But the thieves didn't stop there.

They went room to room and stocked up on TVs, clothes, shoes and even food in the fridge that Perkins had just bought for Christmas dinner.

"They took everything basically. They did leave me the turkey. They left the turkey," the frustrated grandmother said. "They made themselves a sandwich and a glass of Kool-Aid."

Perkins said she doesn't know what she is going to tell her family when Christmas comes and there's nothing to share with them.

"How would you feel if somebody came into your house and went into your refrigerator and took all the food out of your refrigerator and all your children's gifts?" Perkins said.

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