Thieves target abandoned Detroit fire house

Ladder No. 16 on Detroit's east side has open windows, running water

DETROIT - Detroit Fire Station No. 16 on the city's east side has become a target for crooks now that it's been abandoned for months.

The windows and doors of the old station at Helen and Miller streets are wide open. Water is also running in the building.

Karroll Gary lives near the old firehouse and says little has been done to secure the building since the last fire truck left a couple of months ago.

"The building is abandoned and people are breaking in and stealing the toilets, sinks, pipes, everything," she said. "The next thing is going to be the windows."

Gary said it breaks her heart to see people destroying the building.

"No one's boarded it up, no one has done anything," she said. "They keep running in and out and it's going to be burned up after a while."

Gary said if the city doesn't do anything, she and her neighbors will have to take action to secure the building.

Local 4 called the Detroit Fire Commissioner's office and was told to reach out to the city.

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