This Day in History: July 1

A look back at the historical events on this day

What makes July 1st special? Find out by taking a look back at some of the historical events that happened on this day in history.


The United States Post Office issued its first adhesive postage stamp on July 1st, 1847. Two stamps were issued. One of them was a five-cent Benjamin Franklin stamp for letters traveling up to 300 miles.  The other, a 10-cent George Washington stamp for letters traveling farther than 300 miles.


In 1916, Coca-Cola introduced the universally recognized, uniquely contour-shaped glass bottle still in use today. At the time, the company was concerned "copy cat" drinks were fooling consumers, so they wanted a distinctive bottle to help assure people they were drinking a real Coca-Cola.


Diana, the Princess of Wales was born on this day in Sandringham, England in 1961.
Diana became a member of the royal family in 1981 when she married Prince Charles of Wales.


Before there were apple i-Pods -- there was the Sony Walkman.
In 1979, the Sony Walkman went on sale for the very first time.
The Walkman went on to revolutionize music listening, allowing people to listen as they traveled.  The first portable cassette players cost 150 dollars at the time.

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