'Thrifting' is hot new money-saving trend

By Tony Statz - Producer

The Fourth of July holiday was a time for saving big money at metro Detroit's Salvation Army Thrift Stores.

All 34 locations held a huge sale with 50% savings on clothing, and deals on other items as well. It was an all-day sale from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

It's just another sign of how hot second-hand shopping has become.

In fact, Goodwill Industries says its sales have increased 83% from 2007 to 2012.

Of course, those years coincided with the recession, but fans of "thrifting" also say shopping for those bargains can always help you stay fashionable, without going broke.

In Atlanta, fans of "thrifting" have given second-hand clothes the high fashion treatment. They held the first, and hopefully annual "Thrift Week".(Similar to Fashion Week) Bargain hunters were given a chance to show off their high fashion, which they bought for low prices!

"When you see other people doing things, and you see all the great pieces that they find, it kind of motivates you to at least try it," said Karen Charles, a thrift style blogger.

She says more and more people are giving those second-hand stores a try.

"What I love about thrifting is the thrill of it. The challenge in finding something unique that everybody else isn't going to wear," Charles said.

Other shoppers agree "thrifting" has come a long way.

"Back when I started in high school, there was really a stigma attached to it. People always though if you went to a thrift store you were either poor or homeless," said Neshanta Smith-Davis, a thrift fashion show winner.

The new image for thrift stores is paying off.

"We literally some days before the store opens at 10 o'clock, there's a line outside at 9:30 with people lining up waiting to come here to shop," said Camille Kessler, president of the Junior League of Atlanta, which runs a thrift shop.

Supporters say the newfound popularity has a downside. The competition for those great bargains has driven prices up just a little bit.

Still, if you love high-fashion, but have a discount budget, you might want to give "thrifting" a try!

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