Thursday morning Detroit firebombing caught on surveillance video

Man believes store was targeted in attack

DETROIT - Thanks to footage from security cameras that were rolling early Thursday morning at the back of Steve's Save a lot in the 36-hundred block of Gratiot, a man can be seen lighting and throwing a Molotov cocktail at the roof and then taking it all in.

"It seems to me this guy picked this place because look how far he walked," Steve from Save a lot said. "He waited. He threw the bottle up and then he waited and then he took off."

The bottle eventually fell to the ground and burned some pallets. Firefighters put out the fire before it could to significant damage to the building.

Steve knows it could have been much worse, and he wants to know who this man in the video is.

"Why?" Steve asks. "What reason would you have to do this, to this neighborhood, to these people that come to the store walking that have no transportation."

This is not the first fire at Save a lot. The store was closed for a year after a fire about four years ago. The cause of that fire is unknown.

Steve is worried that the man responsible for this fire will not be happy until the store is burned to the ground.

"I am afraid that he may come back today and finish it," Steve said. "I hope he gets caught today, I really do."

The owner is offering a reward for any information that leads to an arrest. If you recognize the man in the video, please contact police.

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