Tipster criticizes police dig for Jimmy Hoffa in Roseville

Man who led police to dig for Jimmy Hoffa in suburban Detroit now is criticizing effort, wants police to dig further

By Hank Winchester - Reporter

ROSEVILLE, Mich. - Police continued guarding the Roseville driveway Monday evening which has gained national attention.

Is Jimmy Hoffa buried beneath a suburban Detroit shed?

The results of soil testing to determine whether human remains are buried will be released Tuesday morning.

While many are intrigued by the Roseville police dig, those close to the case, including Hoffa expert and author of "The Hoffa Wars," Dan Moldea, do not believe the hype.

"I never thought that Hoffa was here, ever," said Moldea. "I surely don't believe it now. I didn't believe it before. And, even if they find trace evidence of human tissue or something I still don't believe it's Hoffa."

Moldea has been in constant contact with the police informant who has led them to the area. The informant now is urging police to dig up the entire driveway. He says he is 100 percent convinced Hoffa is there.

"And his response was, 'Well, if they don't find anything they have to dig up the driveway,' and I said, 'Listen, this is your one shot. You got this one shot. This is it,'" said Moldea.

The huge amount of media attention has caused some concern. The informant now worries about those who, he says, are alive and may come after him for talking.

"I'm concerned about him because he's so frightened and one of the people who is involved in this is still alive, has teeth, he can still bite," said Moldea.

-- Police are awaiting soil test results from under the Roseville driveway.

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