Titus Young story sad, a lesson for all

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DETROIT - The only thing worse than wide receiver Titus Young being cut by the St. Louis Rams just 10 days after being released by the Lions is the way many criticized and ridiculed the young man.

Obviously, Young, 23, has personal issues off the field that won't allow him to play football until he can get help.

When ClickOnDetroit.com broke the story on Friday that Young, a second-round pick by the Lions in 2011, was going to be cut by the Rams, it also said, according to sources, that he might not play in the NFL again.

For sure, it tells you something just isn't right with Young, that he probably needs professional help. He didn't even get a chance to go through any minicamps with the Rams. So his release has nothing to do with football. That's a huge red light.

We know all the issues Young had in Motown, including the sucker-punch fight with Louis Delmas.

Young was disciplined multiple times the past 12 months with Lions. He was sent home three times for unacceptable behavior. He also had a Twitter rant that didn't help, bashing the Lions.

Yet, there are radio talking-heads and listeners calling Young out and berating him.

That's so sad.

It just doesn't make sense why a guy who has put so much into football -- and by all accounts actually loves the game -- would purposely derail his career.

The moral to this sad story is plain and simple. We shouldn't be so judgmental on people without knowing all the facts. We should have some compassion for people dealing with problems. Just because you have a great career, money and fame doesn't mean you can escape problems in life.

It's so obvious Young has real problems dealing with others. Hopefully, he can get the help he needs.

The NFL can wait.

Enemy Jordan should be honored

Michael Jordan was the enemy in Motown.

His losing battles with the Bad-Boy Pistons were legendary until he finally broke through and started winning championships.

On Sunday, Jordan turned the big 5-0.

As a tribute to the worldwide superstar, even still, retiring NBA commissioner David Stern should change the current NBA logo and use Nike's Jumpman logo, featuring Jordan.

His Airness deserves such an honor. Truth be told, Jordan's the main reason the NBA transformed from a league -- plagued by drugs and taped-delayed TVĀ  playoff games -- to a great league, must-see action. And not just for basketball heads.

Sure, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird got the ball rolling with the league's rebirth. But it was Jordan who was center stage. He was a worldwide star, even people in China knew who Michael was.

Yes, everybody really wanted to be like Mike. It wasn't just a commercial slogan. It was real deal, especially for kids. All over this country many put down their baseball gloves and took off football helmets. Instead, they wanted to be Jordan.

If there was ever a player to have such an unprecedented move done, it's MJ.

In a league that's more than 80% black, it would only be fitting that Jordan's logo be the face of this game.

Jordan wasn't perfect, but his play was. Many can argue about who's the greatest player in NBA history. But that conversation can't be had without Jordan's name being included.

For all he did on the court, there's still nothing more impressive than his championship runs: he 6-for-6 in champions and he won all six MVPs.

Most don't even know that the current logo is in Jerry West's imagine. Legend has it that it wasn't done for an specific reason, just that it apparently was easier for the artist to use a left-handed dribbler. Coincidentally, the only player with a higher playoff career scoring average than West is Jordan (33.5 points to 29.1)

This time, the logo would mean something, have a history behind it. Kids forever more would know that Jordan is on the logo and the reasons why.

No one cares that it has been used as the logo to Air Jordan's, Michael's popular sneaker. It's hard to imagine that Nike or Jordan would balk at taking it from the sneaker and moving it to the league.

It would be one thing if there wasn't a player's image on the logo. But since there already is, that player should be Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

K9 Fight tix

IBF Super Welterweight Champ Cornelius (K9) Bundrage will defend his title for the third time at the Masonic Temple in Detroit Feb. 23.

Tickets are available at the Masonic Temple box office and www.ticketmaster.com. Ticket prices range from $25-$200.

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