‘Toilet water' coffee used by Hong Kong Starbucks

An investigative report revealed Starbucks in Hong Kong used bathroom water for coffee

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HONG KONG - If you drink Starbucks every morning, you may want to look away.

A new investigative report has many Hong Kong coffee fans angry this week, after it was revealed that a local Starbucks branch was using water from a bathroom spout to brew its coffee.

According to an HK Magazine, Starbucks was using 'toilet water' from a spout only a few feet away from a urinal. Employees would allegedly wheel a cart behind the coffee house to the bathroom cozens of time each day, filling the cart with the bathroom water.

A spokesperson for Starbucks in Hong Kong told the HK Magazine that they use bathroom water because its the closest source of water, and that it has passed certification and regulatory standards.

Hong Kong's Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has stated that the coffee shop's practice was not up to regulations. The department has issued a warning to Starbucks regarding the report.

A University of Hong Kong professor also told the magazine that filtering water is good enough to remove normal bacteria, but small pathogens, such as viruses, would require a purifier.

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