Top 9 signs you know it's March in Michigan

So many mixed feelings

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DETROIT - March is a very confusing time for Michiganders. Is it spring or winter? SO CONFUSING. Here's how you know for sure it's March:

1) You finally begin to hear birds chirping again, but because you haven't heard the sound in a while, it scares you to death. "What is that beautifully terrifying noise?!"

2) The fluctuating temperatures are sending you mixed messages about spring. Should you break out the shorts and flip flops?! Probably not.

3) You know baseball season is within striking distance, but you also know you have to live through a month of excruciating spring training games.

4) You safely assume the big snow season is over because the sun is shining more often, only to be completely devastated by 6 inches of fresh snow during your morning commute.

5) Wolverines and Spartans begin bickering once again, as March Madness starts up in college basketball. Meanwhile, Pistons fans are looking to the NBA Draft for answers.

6) The bright sunlight inspires you to go for a walk, only to turn around minutes later after you realize IT'S STILL FREEZING OUTSIDE.

7) The days begin to last longer! You leave work and the sun is still up! But then, day light savings time. WHY.

8) For a moment, just for ONE moment, you consider opening up your pool.

9) You are constantly fooled into getting car washes.

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