Tow truck drivers gather en masse to honor driver killed last May in I-94 crash

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter, Kayla Clarke

YPSILANTI, Mich. - Exactly one year after a tow truck driver was killed in a crash, fellow tow truck drivers from across the state came out en masse to raise awareness.

Tow truck driver Nader Chehadi was among two people killed and several others who were injured in a crash involving a school bus on eastbound I-94 at US-23 in Pittsfield Township last May.

Chehadi was assisting the stranded school bus at the time of the crash. He was at the rear of the bus when an SUV driven by a woman without a valid driver's license slammed into the rear of the school bus, according to police.

Chehadi's twin brother, Samer Chehadi, led a long line of tow trucks with their lights and horns on to commemorate his brother's death. The memorial event was also intended to remind drivers to pay attention to the road.

A tow truck driver has been killed each year for the last four years in Michigan by drivers not paying attention, or not moving over to give them enough room.

“Hopefully we don’t have to do this for anybody else. We can only hope this will be the last time,” Samer Chehadi said.