Trash piles up in front of west Detroit home

Neighbors in west Detroit neighborhood angry over trash pile

DETROIT - Residents on Detroit's west side are angry because trash has been piling up outside an empty home near the corner of Lenore and Margareta streets.

Gabe Davie, whose sister lives on Lenore Street, said he could not believe it.

"This is just bad. I was wondering when they were going to do something about it," Davie said.

 Edgar Parks is a neighbor who is angry about the trash that keeps piling up day after day.

"It goes all the way around, even to the back yard. This is really bad. You can't even walk down the sidewalk. This is a nice community. We got kids, You don't want them to come out. You are afraid they  will go over there. You don't know if you will find needles in there or rats going to bite them," parks said.

Local 4 found Kyle Johnston taking bags of trash out of the house. Johnston said he was homeless and the owner of the house as paying him $10 to $15 a week to take out the trash from inside the home.

"All this stuff was in the house. The guy who bought the house is having me clean it up He told me to put it out front," Johnston said.

When Johnston pointed out the owner driving by in a pickup truck, the truck pulled away before Local 4 could ask questions.

Johnston was apologetic to the area residents.

"I am sorry, I am just listening to what he told me to do."

Edgar Parks is still angry about the situation.

"We live next to a dump and it shouldn't be like this," Parks said.

Local 4 reported the situation to Detroit city agencies, and was told something would be done to clean up the mess.

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