Troy mayor talks recall effort, new website

8,000 signatures needed to put recall on ballot

TROY, Mich. - It's official. A petition drive to drive Troy Mayor Janice Daniels out of office is up and running. 

Just a little over a week after the recall language was approved, a new website hit the Internet.

"Www dot Janice troy mayor dot com.," said Daniels, who had little to say about the recall, but she opened up about her new website

"It's a wonderful website where I'm sharing information about the city and things that I'm doing and pictures. It's a great website," said Daniels. 

Anyone who wants to donate money to help Daniels fight the recall effort can do that, too.

In her four months in office, she has been the center of controversy. She's come under fire for comments made about gays and for her opposition to a transit project

"She's gone back in campaign mode, trying to rehab her image," said Matthew Binkowski with Recall Janice Daniels. 

Opponents are calling this new website Daniels' campaign defense website. She disagrees. 

"This has nothing do with. There's a little blurb that if someone wants to help me fight the recall, there's a place where you can donate to fight the recall but this wasn't an effort that had anything to do with the recall," said Daniels. "It was an effort to promote the city and the good things we're doing."

"It obviously had something to do with the recall. I mean, why else would she go through and start sending out mailers to select Troy voters," said Binkowski

Mayor Daniel said she's not concentrating on the recall. Her focus is on the issues important to the city.

Those behind the recall have to collect 8,000 signatures to get the petition on the November ballot.

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