Turns out Wayne County Sheriff's gas receipts do not exist

County Commissioners left with questions after gas cards receipts never arrive

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

DETROIT - Wayne County Sheriff's Department administrator Sue Hall admitted this past November that the Sheriff's Department did not keep good books.

She said during a meeting that the receipts which would explain thousands of dollars in spending existed and were not assembled propoerly for an audit.

After the meeting, County Commission Audit Committee Chairman Ray Basham wrote out a list and sent it to Hall asking her to pull together the receipts. Those receipts never arrived.

Instead, this past week Hall sent a letter telling Basham the gas card receipts are not coming.

"There was no way to complete the request ... this is because an orderly retention of all receipts for all credit cards was not in place for the period stated above," she wrote.

That would be 2013.

"We're talking $176,000 -- sginificant, in my book," said Basham. "So, I mean, let's reconcile the receipts with the credit cards or you need to say to our committee that you mispoke and where is the $176,000?"

The office of management said Monday night there are a total of 185 Sheriff's vehicles. There are 58 take-home vehicles assigned to Sheriff's deputies and 49 assigned to gasoline cards.

"It might have been used for fixing who knows -- their wife's car or their girlfriend's car or maybe a Sheriff's car -- but we need to know that information and we don't. We don't have it," said Basham.

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