'Twerking' leads to suspension of high school students

Students involved in 'Twerking' video may not be allowed to attend commencement

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - 33 high school students have been suspended for a YouTube video which shows them 'Twerking' on school grounds in San Diego, California.

The Scripps Ranch High School students, mostly females, are shown wearing leggings and dancing in various parts of the school. Some of the students are seen dancing upside down.

Some teachers at Scripps Ranch saw the video and reported it to school administrators. The students were quickly suspended. Some also face being banned from prom, commencement and other school activities.

Jack Brandais, a San Diego Unified School District spokesman, would not comment on the suspension, citing the federal Family Educational Rights Privacy Act.

So, what is 'Twerking'? It is basically a dance move that involves a person shaking their hips up and down. 'Twerk' means to dance in a suggestive manner.

WATCH: Twerking video leads to suspensions

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