Two-faced kitten born in Florida

'Harvey Dent' meows out of both faces, born healthy

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A rare two-faced black kitten was born healthy in Port Charlotte, Fla., this week.

"Harvey Dent," named after the two-faced character in the Batman series, has four eyes, two tiny mouths and two noses that all appear to work, owner Nash Hand and Amanda Forsythe told Sarasota TV station WWSB.

"They simultaneously work together, the two faces," Forsyth said. "When he eats on one side it looks like he is eating on the other. When he meows it comes out of both sides."

The couple was shocked by the birth, and had even recently watched a show on two-faced cats. They talked about how weird it would be if their pregnant cat, Nene, gave birth to such an animal, Hand told WWSB.

"[She said] 'What are you talking about? What do you mean two faces?'" Hand said his wife exclaimed after he told her of the birth. "I said it has two faces! This cat has two faces!"

Two-faced cats, called Janus cats after the Roman god with two faces, are rare and often face health problems, although the world's oldest two-faced cat is currently 12 years old, according to Guinness World Records.

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