Undercover Agent Infiltrated Hutaree Militia

Transcripts Of Recordings From Agent Now Public, Details Hutaree 9's Violent Plans

DETROIT - A transcript of a secretly recorded audio tape that played out during a March 31st Detroit Federal bond hearing for 9 members of the extremist Christian militia group Hutaree, is now public.

On the tape, Hutaree?s leader, David Brown Stone of Lenawee County says:

?You kill enough cops? you can?t get enough people to take the job.?

His chilling words come from a speech recorded by an undercover agent who infiltrated the group.

They were in a van with other members driving to a planned meeting of other militias in Kentucky this past February.

Although bad weather forced the group to turn back to Indianapolis, the tape kept rolling.

In another recording, Stone goes beyond threatening police officers, saying:

?Wives of law enforcement and their children were equal target, no better than police.?

The extremist Christian militia leader, his two sons, wife and 5 other suspects are facing federal charges, accused of plotting a violent revolt against the government.

Prosecutors argue the group planned to make a false 911 call, kill responding police officers, and set off a bomb at the funeral to kill more police and civilians.

Stone?s defense attorney has responded to the transcript and is finding fault with the document.

Claiming his clients are protected by the right of free speech.

It is currently unclear when the Hutaree 9 will be back in court.

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