Unlock the secrets of your iPhone

Your iPhone can do just about everything these days -- from helping you find directions, to recording videos and every updating your social media sites. But there are a few things you might not know it can do.

We all know you can send and receive e-mails on your iPhone but Siri is taking it a step further.

"You can ask Siri to read your e-mails and she will start reading your e-mails you can also ask Siri to read a specific e-mail from a specific person or you can ask her to read your latest e-mails and she'll read your most recent e-mails," said Local 4 Social Media Producer Ken Haddad.

And that goes for text messages too, making it a bit safer if you are on the go and can't look down to read it yourself.

Speaking of being on the go, if you're ever in a hurry and your battery is almost dead and you don't have time to charge it fully, don't worry.

"You can put your phone in airplane mode and plug it in and it'll charge faster than when it's not in airplane mode," said Haddad. "The only disadvantage to that is your service will be cut off so you won't get any texts or phone calls, but you'll get your battery life a lot faster."

And speaking of airplanes, look up: ever wonder what's going on 30 thousand feet above you?

"You can ask Siri to tell you what flights are above you by saying planes overhead," said Haddad. "It may take her 15 to 30 seconds to come up with it but she'll tell you which flights exactly are above you, how high they are and which angle they're flying at."

And that's not all. Your iPhone is equipped to capture that perfect picture of a moving target.

"You can take a burst of photos, 15 to 20 photos," explains Haddad. "Let's say you're taking a photo of something that's moving fast, you can just hold the photo button down, and it'll take continuous photos until you take your finger off the button."

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