Vandals smash car windows in southwest Detroit

Up to 100 cars damaged in early morning rampage in Detroit neighborhood

DETROIT - Scores of car owners in southwest Detroit awoke Tuesday to find the windows on their vehicles had been smashed and shattered.

All along Thaddeus Street in Detroit's Delray neighborhood and along stretches of other nearby streets, windows in cars and trucks were broken and pieces of glass littered the street.

Zoltan Vagvcolgyi was one of the victims who noticed nothing was stolen from the cars.

"Somebody that just went by and malicious destruction I guess, just to destroy things. People in this neighborhood work hard for what they have and for somebody to do something like this, there are a lot of people in this area that are on fixed income," Vagvcolgyi said.

There was speculation that the vandals fired pellet guns from a car. One reason was the BB dents in the bodies of some cars.  Another reason was that nobody heard anything.

Loretta Gunther was another victim.

"Without a doubt, almost every house here has a dog and none of the dogs barked, so we don't know when it happened or how it happened. We just woke up at six o'clock in the morning and seen it," Gunther said.

As many as 100 cars were damaged.  Police have little to go on. Most of those car owners will have to pay for repairs.

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