Vehicles vandalized in parking lot of Detroit church

Vandals smashed vehicle windows in lot at Woodward Avenue, Hazelwood Street

By Jermont Terry - Reporter

DETROIT - More than a dozen cars were vandalized after thieves targeted a church parking lot.

About 40 members of the church had their cars parked in the gated lot.

Surveying the damage, Lushon Thomas-Williams tried to glimpse what vandals left behind.

"I can't see if it's broken into. I know it's over there because I saw it," Thomas-Williams said.

Her daughter and close to 40 others parked their vehicles in a lot at Woodward Avenue and Hazelwood Street across from Little Rock Baptist Church on Friday morning.

"It's a retreat. It's some kind of religious retreat they go on," Thomas-Williams said.

They hopped on buses to Chicago, leaving their vehicles in the gated parking lot, but sometime Friday night, thieves got into the lot.

"I don't know what time they got them, but they had to climb over the gate, but they got us," Thomas-Williams said.

They smashed side and back windows.

"I don't know why they didn't have security guards to check on these cars. You got to have something to protect us," Thomas-Williams said.

Bill Elise, who works security at the Marathon next door, said the cars were secure when he left at 1 a.m. Saturday.

"I saw windows broke. I said they did this after I left last night," Elise said. "Desperate criminals, they go for any measures."

Thomas-Williams wanted to let her daughter know if her car was among those damaged.

"She's upset. I told her to try to get it together," Thomas-Williams said. "It's nothing but a window. Your car is still here."

She knows what, if anything, the crooks took doesn't add up to the damage.

"They inconvenienced me. They ain't going to get nothing from whatever they got out of there. It's nothing, but now I have to go and get her car fixed," Thomas-Williams said.

It doesn't appear all the vehicles were broken into.

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