VIDEO: Father of victim speaks to 'inmate Nassar' at sentencing: 'I want you to fear'

Doug Powell, the father of Kassie Powell, spoke to his daughter's abuser during his sentencing on Friday.

More than 100 victims are expected to speak during Larry Nassar's sentencing, which started on Tuesday and is expected to continue into next week.

After Kassie spoke to the court, her father, Doug, wanted to make a statement to Nassar.

Doug Powell identified himself as a law enforcement and corrections officer.

Powell referred to Nassar as "inmate Nassar" in a nearly ten minute statement. "Your name is not doctor Nassar, it is not Mr. Nassar, it is not Larry, it's inmate," Powell said.

"I want you to fear and cry, and no one to listen. I want you to remain alive for your eternal life in those walls," Powell told Nassar.

"Don't you dare be a coward and harm yourself. Be alive and live in fear. Fear that you wake soaked in sweat from the nightmares, as I and my family have done. Fear for the sanity of your children and wife and family, as I and my family have done," Powell told Nassar.

"In the end, those scratched and dug will become polished and beautiful. And beautiful those women are. And they have rocked your world," Powell told Nassar.

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During Day 1 of sentencing, several victims spoke on the record about the abuse they endured from the former gymnastics doctor.

You can watch statements from victims in Day 1 on Tuesday right here.

You can watch Day 2 statements here.

You can watch Day 3 statements here.

You can watch Day 4 statements here.


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