Volunteers patrol Detroit on Angels' Night

Angels' Night volunteers work to keep Detroit streets quiet, without many fires on night before Halloween

DETROIT - On the eve of Halloween, the city of Detroit becomes the city of angels.

Hundreds of Angels' Night volunteers canvassed the streets Tuesday night working to keep the streets safe. Angelo Walters, of Wyandotee, was among them.

"There really is no reason for me to be sitting at home," said Walters.

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Walters was looking for any sign of trouble because, on a night such as this, where this is smoke there is typically fire.

"You got to look pretty suspicious to be walking around in the freezing rain, right?" Walters said.

The cold, wet weather is expected to keep the number of fires down. However, strong winds increase the odds that flames will spread.

Detroit firefighters were called to fire about 9 a.m. Tuesday on the city's east side. It was an abandoned house which became fully engulfed in flames. Crews worked fast to tame the fire.

Back on the west side, the streets were quiet Tuesday night. Hundreds of volunteers hope to keep it that way.

"Everybody just whines. They want the next person to do the change when it can all start with you making it," said Walters. "I don't want to be remembered for not doing anything. I'd rather be remembered for trying, at least."

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