Warren homeowner turns the tables on would-be robber

Homeowner in Warren refused to be victimized, sends armed robber to hospital

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

WARREN, Mich. - A homeowner in Warren refused to be victimized in his own home.

One moment the homeowner had a gun to his head and the next he was the one pulling the trigger on the bad guy.

A would-be robber came to the door of a Warren man's home and knocked on the door. The homeowner opened the door and the man on the other side said he was looking for someone who lives there.

That's when things got violent and nearly lethal.

One of the brothers who lives in the home buys and sells gold and jewelry; that's who the robber asked for when he knocked at the door.

The brother who answered the door told the suspect his brother wasn't home, but told the man he could come on in and wait for him.

Once inside the home the robber pulled out a gun and demanded cash and money from the man. The homeowner complied and told the man he would go get the cash, but instead went under a bed and came out with a gun.

The homeowner shot the suspect three times.

Before taking off the robber managed to pistol whip the homeowner and cut open the man's head.

The wounded robber then ran out of the house and into a waiting car. He was dropped off at nearby hospital where police caught up with him.

The homeowner was also taken to the hospital to have his head stitched up.

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