Warren medical office closes, but doors remain open

Medical files available, unprotected at closed Warren medical office

WARREN, Mich. - One week after a medical office in Warren closed, the doors to that office remained unlocked.

Last week, a patient who did not want her name used went to the Integrative Wellness Services on Schoenherr Road in Warren after her repeated phone calls were unanswered. She said she could not believe what she found.

"In the main office, the door was open. I walked in and just looked and there was medical records. I didn't see mine, but the fact is they were not locked up was really surprising," the patient said.

One week later, the doors to Integrative Wellness Services were still unlocked, including a door restricted for authorized personnel only.

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The patient who found the doors open said she is troubled by he open access to the medical records at a facility that has provided needed mental health services.

"I'm really sad right now because whoever owns this facility has no care and respect for the patients who come here to leave all of our things out in the open where anyone could come off of the street and have access to our telephone numbers, our names, addresses, our Social Security numbers," the patient said.

Local 4 contacted Warren police who arrived and investigated the building.

Late Tuesday, the doors to the offices of Integrative Wellness Services were locked. Phone calls, however, were still not being answered.

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