Warren, Taylor schools close Tuesday as teachers head to Lansing to protest right-to-work

Detroit schools will remain open, but teachers plan on taking a stance

WARREN, Mich. -

No school on Tuesday.

That's the message that three metro Detroit school districts have sent: Fitzgerald Public Schools, Taylor Schools and Warren Consolidated Schools.

District officials say they had to shut down classrooms because so many teachers had called in to attend rallies in Lansing over the right-to-work legislation.

Detroit schools are not closing Tuesday, but teachers plan on wearing red union shirts for solidarity.

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"An attack on our unions is an attack on our students and our children," said Linda Moore, president of the Taylor Federation of Teachers union.

Moore says the district canceled class because they couldn't gather substitutes.

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"I think they're right in what they're doing, but they do need to be in school, too," said Tonya Bates, whose children attend Taylor schools.

Michele Landoski's children go to Warren Consolidated schools. She says it's difficult with such short notice.

"I'm thinking my daughter is going to school and then cancelling at the last minute. It's difficult," Landoski said.

It may be an inconvenience for students and their parents, but this teachers union is out to prove a point.

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"Many of our members voted for Gov. (Rick) Snyder and it's very disappointing that he's pushed through this issue," said Moore.

The teachers believe the right-to-work legislation will be the start of a slow and painful death of unions. Their disappointment will lead them and many others to the Capitol on Tuesday.

"I think the kids should be in school. But if the teachers need to go up there ... it's their livelihood," said Kahri Hairston, a Taylor parent.

Darian Galeczka, whose children attend Warren Consolidated schools, is happy to see the teachers fight for what they believe in.

"Somebody's got to do it if nobody is going to do it for them, right?" Galeczka said. "If it means taking a day of school for the kids, then so be it. I'm glad they're doing it."

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