Warren woman lives in tent after flood damages home

By Paula Tutman - Reporter

WARREN, Mich. - How will Koreena Dragoi survive another 45-degree night in a tent?

The Warren woman has been forced out of her home after it was severely damaged by this week's flooding. Now, she's living in a tent in her own front yard.

"We actually put a tent up because we can't afford to keep going back and forth to a hotel," said Dragoi. "This is where we're sleeping now."

She's working to get back on her feet after Monday's rain sent a river through her home.

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"I opened the front door and it was a river coming through," she said.

Dragoi works as a waitress making less than minimum wage. She has about $100 in savings and $400 in checking.

"There was clothes. There was pictures, everything that you would have in a house was in the house," she said.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said there are 18,000 damaged residential structures in his city after the flooding. Many of the structures now are unlivable or without insurance and funds to continue basic day-to-day living, let alone repairs.

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"We have a looming health problem here," said Fouts. "We have a possibility that people will not be able to afford to clean out their house and therefore mold will go, and there may be other things they'll get, and they'll get sick. The state needs to give us some emergency funding, so does the federal government."

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