Washington Township wedding guests save woman when her heart stops beating

2 wedding guests honored for saving woman's life when she stopped breathing


Gerald Modzelewski and Jelena Doty are being honored for saving a life.

Some call them heroes but Linda, Gerald's wife, considers these two her angels. Linda and her husband were attending a wedding in Washington Township in July when her heart stopped beating.

"I just collapsed. I don't remember hearing or seeing anything after that," Linda said.

She had stopped breathing. Her husband began CPR. He brought her back twice before she was gone again.

"Somebody told me, 'There's a nurse here. Let her in.' So, of course, I went to the nurse. She had more experience than I did," said Gerald.

Doty began CPR and so did another nurse. Together, they brought Linda back to life.

"I was just hoping I could do the best that I could and thank God that I had the people with me to help," Doty said. "I can't reiterate how important CPR is and that everyone should know CPR."

And she is not the only one.

"I want to cry. I'm just so happy to have her," Gerald said.

A ceremony Wednesday night brought everyone back together and back to the day when Linda almost slipped away.

"I have a wonderful husband, family and friends and I still do. I'm just thankful to be here to continue a little longer," she said.

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