Water main break causing 3 month headache for Detroit businesses

Water flowing in area of 6 Mile, McNichols roads

DETROIT - Water has been flowing out into the street in the area of 6 Mile and McNichols for three months.

The water, coming from from a break in an eight-inch main, flows out about 100 yards and drains into an AT&T work area.

AT&T pumps the water back into the street.

Those caught in the middle are the people who operate this Mobile Gas Station on the corner.

"As far as the water company, I haven't seen the water people are doing anything," said C.C. Anderson employee at the gas station. "Water is just running , running , running"

Local 4 spent part of the afternoon on the phone with the water department who promised to send a crew right away.

About an hour later help did arrive. Within five minutes, they shut off the water and the problem seemed solved almost to easily.

And it was, because all that did was cut off the water to the business on the other side of the street.

"We've been dealing with this for three months now and you know our entrance is being closed down so they can work and my customers not being able to get into the parking lot so, it's been kind of difficult," said SyLvia Issa from the 6 Mile & McNichols Liquor store.

The water department says the solution is on the way and they promise a repair crew for tomorrow.

"What can you do, what can you do but complain," said Anderson.

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