Water main break is icy trap in Detroit

Cars, residents stuck because of ice on Braile Street near McNichols

DETROIT - A water main break on Braile Street near McNichols Road in Detroit is causing several problems for residents in the area.

Neighbors say they have been calling the city for three weeks to fix the problem, and they have not received a response.

The ice that is forming from the water constantly pouring is now having an impact on the lives of the residents in the community.

The street is blocked by two cars that got stuck in the ice overnight. Residents have even tried to use an axe to chisel the cars out of the ice.

A minor kitchen fire on Braile Street has also burned a family out of their home because fire trucks were having a hard time getting near the home because of the water main break. The constant flow of the water means poor water pressure for firefighters.

The city has been dealing with massive water main breaks all over Detroit. Two breaks are being fixed on Conner Street near Jefferson Avenue.

A fix is scheduled for a break on the east side of Detroit, where a bus got stuck, and for another break on Harper Avenue near Norcross Street.

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