Wayne County Employee Suspended Over Facebook Posts

DETROIT - A Wayne County employee was suspended from her job after making a few Facebook posts about her frustrations with her work.

Den-Nela Cody is a data entry clerk for the Wayne County probate court. She has filed a complaint of harassment against her bosses, and they have reprimanded her for falsifying a vacation request, insubordination and failing to do her job.

Cody said she has been bringing work stress home each night.

"I try not to but it is causing problems with my husband," she said.

She vented about her job by posting to her Facebook page.

"My job is physically and mentally stressing me out. What should I do?" Cody wrote in one post.

She called her bosses "punks" in one post and wrote that she was "about to lose it."

"I pray that I get a new job soon, if I don't, so help me God, I'm going to catch a case," she wrote in another post.

Cody's bosses said the posting "catch a case" implied "violence related to the workplace and as such it is intolerable and unacceptable."

Cody said she meant no harm by making the post and that she did not think anyone at her workplace would read it.

She said her Facebook page was private. However, one of her Facebook friends worked at the probate court. That person printed out the posts and showed it to Cody's bosses.

The probate court said the phrase "catch a case" was the reason Cody was suspended.

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