Wayne County judge responds to misconduct charges

Judge Bruce Morrow responds to formal proceedings brought against him by Judicial Tenure Commission

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DETROIT - Wayne County Judge Bruce Morrow has responded to allegations of misconduct which were brought against him by the Judicial Tenure Commission.

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The complaint against Morrow lays out 26 allegations of misconduct by Morrow in 10 cases -- including failing to sentence defendants to the required terms and not putting his rulings in writing.

In his rebuttal, Morrow denies he has engaged in any conduct that demonstrates a lack of impartiality and denies he abused any judicial power.

The response states:

Judge Morrow asserts that he has always placed the administration of justice above his own personal views. Judge Morrow has consistently sought to maintain the highest level of competence and impartiality in his decision-making because, among other things, this is the hallmark of an independent judiciary.

READ: Judge Morrow responds to charges of misconduct

The Judicial Tenure Commission has also petitioned the Supreme Court for the appointment of a "master," usually a retired judge, who will preside over a public hearing.

At that hearing, the parties will have an opportunity to introduce evidence and examine and cross examine witnesses.

Following the completion of the hearing, the master will provide the Commission with a report containing findings of fact with respect to the allegations in the formal complaint. The parties will have an opportunity to present their views on the report to the Commission through briefing and oral argument. If the Commission determines that the charges are proved by a preponderance of the evidence, the Commission may recommend that the Supreme Court discipline Morrow.

That discipline can range from public censure, suspension, or removal from office.

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