WCHB radio's Angelo B. Henderson dies

Death due to natural causes

PONTIAC, Mich. - Angelo B. Henderson, WCHB radio personality, died in his home Saturday of natural causes. The 51-year old had been off the air recently after suffering a broken leg.

Henderson previously won a Pulitzer Prize in 1999 for his portrait of a druggist who is driven to violence by his encounters with armed robbery, illustrating the lasting effects of crime, in the Wall Street Journal.

He remains the only African-American reporter to win the Pulitzer Prize at The Wall Street Journal, where he wrote exclusively for Page One after working his way from staff writer to senior staff writer to Detroit deputy bureau chief.

Henderson is also one of the founding members of Detroit 300, a community organization that helps to prevent crime in the city's neighborhoods.

Henderson was a print and broadcast journalist for 24 years, a former two-term NABJ Parliamentarian and NABJ chapter president. He was the host of Detroit's most popular radio news talk show at Radio One Detroit: "Your Voice with Angelo Henderson."

He was also president of Angelo Ink, a writing, speaking and media consulting firm. Before launching his company, Henderson worked for the Black Press as associate editor of Real Times Inc., the largest black-owned newspaper chain in the U.S., which includes The Chicago Defender and The Michigan Chronicle.

He leaves behind a wife and son.

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